Why this is different

I know your time is precious. You have very little of it so why, when there are thousands of blogs, should you spend that time reading mine?  Why is this blog worth your time? Hopefully, I can answer that here…..

What am I doing?

Is there something special about me? Yes, there is. Thank you Daniel Tiger… I’m a relatively privileged white lady who is going to tell you how to be a kick ass activist and raise good little liberal kids.  No, just kidding. The truth is, like so many people, I woke up on Nov 9, 2016 and knew that I could no longer be apathetic about the world; I could no longer be apolitical.  My kids, your kids too, deserved better than the future we, yes we, handed them on Nov 8.

The truth is, I don’t know what I’m doing ( please don’t stop reading right here) but I know I need to do something, be a part of this movement that is bubbling up and taking hold and I’m willing to put it all out there for anyone like me-  basically any other parent activists who want to change the world, but needs to do so before dinner and bath time and really quietly during naptime.  There are a lot of us who have no idea where to start or how to translate all those shared FB posts, petitions signed, and groups joined into something even more meaningful. That’s the starting point here.

I’m not exactly “woke” but I’ve heard the alarm clock and I know I can’t press snooze.

I’m new at this ally thing. I say stupid, sometimes insensitive, things.  I might the first white person who truthfully admits to not having a diverse group of friends.  This is not from lack of desire, but lack of opportunity.  I really don’t get out much…

I’m new at this activism thing. Case in point- I wrote with bold tipped sharpie on both sides of my poster board- you could say my message was a little blurred.  I am willing to learn where I am going wrong and admit when I am wrong.  I believe being an ally and an activist is a partial credit activity.  You don’t need to be perfect to be impactful.  I believe INTENT does matter, but ignorance is not a shield.

At the end of most posts, I will try to include a couple of links for additional reading- no extra credit will be given….  There is always room to be better. When you know better you do better.  If I ever get something wrong- TELL ME.

So who am I?

I’m a mother.  For me, this is my most important role.  On a muggy day in June 2011 my life changed.  It was no longer my own.  I no longer have the luxury of being selfish, not just in the ‘hey that’s my bowl of ice cream- oh fine take it’ way, which is why I hide in the basement sometimes, I mean in that fundamental way that fellow parents understand. EVERY decision I make is with them in mind.  That changes who you can be as an activist.  I cannot responsibly jet off to DC to march with my pussy hat sisters and brothers.  I acknowledge that some parents could and that’s awesome, but my life as it is this moment and my responsibilities do not allow for that level of activism.  It is because of my kids that I am an activist, but it is because of my kids that my activism is so limited.


I am very liberal, but I am unabashedly pragmatic.  This is has been the biggest challenge for me with being part of the Liberal Resistance.  I want to win. I want all Democrats to win all the seats and I am willing to horse trade, play dirty,  and pretty much make deals with the devil to win. That makes my opinions sometimes um… unpopular with fellow liberals.  My general philosophy on this is- you can question my opinions, my methods, and my ideas (hey I welcome it), but don’t ever fucking question my commitment to social liberalism, my American values, or my morality.   For me, the ends justify the means.   If playing dirty gets us to a better society where a 7 yr old can use whatever damn bathroom they want and be the happy little person God made them then good lets fucking get it done.

I am an outgoing misanthropic introvert.  What the fuck is that?  Basically, someone who doesn’t really like people, get exhausted dealing with people, but once my bra is on I like commanding attention.  I am far more comfortable talking to a large crowd then I am at a small business dinner.  So the aloof isolation of blogging to the great vast internet really appeals to me.

I am incredibly opinionated.  You really cannot have a blog these day without thinking your opinions are the shit otherwise why would people read them?  I don’t mince words. AT ALL.  I will call you on your shit EVERY DAMN TIME,  but I expect you to call me on mine.  It’s like a new Social Contract.

I’m a Catholic.  This really doesn’t factor too much into my politics because I’m one of those radical Catholics that believe Jesus probably didn’t hate as many people as the GOP tells us he did.  I also have this crazy belief in separation of Church and State….. whoa extreme views, I know.  Where it does factor in is that I understand the weight a religion can put on someone’s convictions.  A deeply held religious belief is kind of like that mystery smell in your car.  Even when you think you’ve identified it and eliminated it, it somehow keeps popping up unexpectedly.  Religion is a cloak that is hard to shed and telling someone to believe or act differently than they were taught from birth is an uphill battle.

Finally, I’m a lawyer, or at least I was in a past life, and while that doesn’t make me an expert in anything at all it means I  can probably break down some issues or at least I know people that can (I can hear my fellow lawyer friends blocking my number right now...) Some of these topics are complicated and laws are written by egomaniac sadist lawyers who want to make everything as confusing and incoherent as possible to non-lawyers. It makes us feel better about our life choices.  Additionally,  any good lawyer knows evidence is the true hero of the story.  You can be damn sure that when I say a fact I will back it up with my evidence.  I show my work.   Being a lawyer also means that following my advice probably won’t get you arrested.*


*author makes no guarantees, warranties, or promises that any advice or suggestions expressed by her or by others within the contents of this blog will not result in civil and/or criminal penalties, including but not limited to, fines, nights in jail, civil litigation, and/or extensive prison sentences at either state or federal level.

That said if you are looking for hardcore activism and civil disobedience primers this is NOT the blog for you. (kudos to you and I welcome your input) This is the blog for people who cannot get arrested because they have to pick up their kid from gymnastics in an hour.  So  for example you tell me this “awesome” idea of glitter-bombing Nazis and my advice would be like this- Please don’t throw glitter on any Nazis. A sparkly assault is still assault.

So who should be reading this blog?

This is the blog for anyone who wants to do something, has no idea where to start.

This is the blog for moms and dads who didn’t know what to fucking say to their kids on Nov 10 but knew they needed to say something.

This blog is for social media mavens who can Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and Myspace (is that still a thing?) up a storm.  The Resistance was birthed and is fed on social media. **  later posts will feature some folks who are using social media to enact real change and how you can turn “clicktivism” into positive tangible change.

This is the blog for one handed activists whose only available time is during breastfeeding sessions.

This blog is for moms and dads like me whose activism has to include little kids because their parenting is 24/7.

This is the blog for parents who have no idea how to fulfill the tender promises they whispered to a tiny newborn in the still of the night- that they will protect them from monsters real and imagined and they will make the world a happier safer place for them.

Oh- and for those who haven’t noticed- this blog is NOT for those offended by some salty language.  These times call for the f- word.


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1 thought on “Why this is different”

  1. I love this. I feel much the same way, i want to stay informed but there is just SO MUCH out there. I try my best to not offend anyone and believe people when they talk about their experiences. I’d love to find more substantial ways to do something as well. Looking forward to reading more.

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