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I need you like Jordan needed Pippen

* My 8 year old recently asked who Michael Jordan is and after I recovered from both my shock and deep guilt that I have failed my Chicagoan roots, I played some videos of Air Mike's best plays that are available on Youtube.  Jordan and the 90's Bulls were a HUGE part of my childhood. … Continue reading I need you like Jordan needed Pippen

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A dead plant, spoon theory, and the best dinner ever.

I am out of spoons today.  Not only am I literally out of clean spoons and therefore have to eat my ice cream off of a knife which gives a whole new meaning to mindful eating but I am entirely out of metaphorical spoons.  You are probably saying 'wait, what is she talking about now...'   Well… Continue reading A dead plant, spoon theory, and the best dinner ever.

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what’s next?

We have a chance to turn this into a sustainable movement that will change our children's lives.  But if we fail to act this moment will pass us by. So what's next?

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Now is the time

Think back to your child's first tentative steps- what did you do as they looked back at you?  Did you clap and cheer as they looked your way? Remember that first magical moment on the potty- did you break out the Potty Dance  because you knew that was the best way to get a repeat… Continue reading Now is the time

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It really isn’t the children or the housework….

Way back when my oldest was a fairly young baby, some probably well-intentioned, but know it all mom gave me a piece of advice I will never forget.  Not because it was life changing and helpful, not because it was laughable... no this advice SOUNDED excellent, but sort of totally screwed me. What did this… Continue reading It really isn’t the children or the housework….

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The Evolution of My Rebel Pants

Everyone needs a pair of Rebel Pants.  I just made up that phrase so I don't expect you to know what I mean.  Rebel Pants are the pants you put on when you want to make a statement.  You probably have a pair or gasp! two? of pants that you put on and your whole attitude… Continue reading The Evolution of My Rebel Pants

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The Early Bird Gets… much needed peace and quiet

I love sleeping. Nope, not just sleeping.  I LOVE being in bed.  That moment right when you naturally wake up and it is quiet no screaming or bouncing giggly "mommy mommy plaaaaay with me" it is priceless..  You stretch your toes to that cooler part of the bed and just wiggle them in absolute contentment. … Continue reading The Early Bird Gets… much needed peace and quiet

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Hot Mess Mondays..can they be prevented?

You know how people have "meatless Mondays"? Well, we have hot mess Mondays.  No, I am not talking about some new one pot casserole or a fun new 'I look like I didn't try, but this took me forever' messy hairstyle.  I mean from the time my eyes open Monday morning to the moment I… Continue reading Hot Mess Mondays..can they be prevented?

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The “To Don’t” List….

I am tired.  Are you tired?  Of course, you are tired; we are all tired.  Well, maybe not Gwyneth Paltrow, but screw her.  While I sincerely believe humans are all tired, I believe mothers are indisputably the most exhausted creatures on the planet.  Yea yea, fathers work hard, but seriously how many men have jumped out of… Continue reading The “To Don’t” List….


Easy Action- CHIP Renewal

While we have been so focused on what Congress is doing, or at least attempting to do, we missed a huge "what they didn't do."  On September 30 Congress let CHIP expire.  Now, perhaps you hear "expired chips" and think nothing of it, but this was actually a big deal. What is CHIP?CHIP stands for… Continue reading Easy Action- CHIP Renewal