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A little shot of inspiration…

We KNOW what needs to be done.  Make your calls, send your faxes, tweet til your fingers bleed, get everyone you know to do the same.  If you need tips re-read this post- This Again? Or How to Save Healthcare But here is a dose of inspiration.  Read them, let the words wash over your soul,… Continue reading A little shot of inspiration…

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Staying home but not sitting out

I saw you at the march last week. No, I wasn't next to you. I was at home on my couch. I saw you on the news. You were in your Pride shirts and Pussy hats and I was in my pajamas or perhaps, if I was lucky, a clean pair of yoga pants. You… Continue reading Staying home but not sitting out

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Awkward Family Gatherings

Do you have a Trump supporter in your family? I do. It's not just my extended family I see once or twice a year. It is my freaking brother. Like we share 50% of the same DNA. We were raised in the same house by the same parents.  Now I do think he falls safely… Continue reading Awkward Family Gatherings

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Days like these

Motherhood is always tough. Even on the best days you are still responsible for everything related to another person. Not just for that moment, but for their future. You will shape the person they become. That's pretty heavy shit and it weighs on you. Slowly, like the small rocks my child constantly hands me to… Continue reading Days like these

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Who am I and what am I doing and why I’m the one to do it.

 I know your time is precious. You have very little of it so why, when there are thousands of blogs, should you spend that time reading mine?