About Me


Andrea is a stay at home mom of two endlessly charming and um spirited little girls.  When she is not playing Barbie or Today’s edition of  “what’s that smell,” she enjoys drinking wine and eating hidden chocolate in her basement laundry room because that is the one place no one will follow her. Certainly mentioning the existence of child-eating spiders has nothing to do with that.  Andrea has a law degree and before relinquishing the last of her brain cells to tracking the bowel movements of tiny humans, practiced family law in the middle of Illinois.   Since the 2016 election, she has spent her time trying to figure out how to prevent the world from going to shit.  So she’s pretty much just like Wonder Woman.  Except less fit and on a way smaller scale and mostly from her house…. err Fortress of Solitude?


Andrea struggles both with introductions and overusing self-deprecating humor, but apparently excels in referring to herself in the third person.  She enjoys cooking for her family, running, and keeping her car windows sparkling.  Just kidding, she only runs when chased and even then don’t put any money on her and no one sane enjoys cleaning car windows..

I also run if the ocean is coming…

She also has a smoking hot and wonderful husband, but frankly he factors very little into all of this….

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