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The Early Bird Gets… much needed peace and quiet

I love sleeping. Nope, not just sleeping.  I LOVE being in bed.  That moment right when you naturally wake up and it is quiet no screaming or bouncing giggly “mommy mommy plaaaaay with me” it is priceless..  You stretch your toes to that cooler part of the bed and just wiggle them in absolute contentment.  You snuggle your face a little deeper into your dream cloud… aka pillow.  Hmm, this wasn’t supposed to be an ode to my bed, but you can see where my mind is right now.   I had to wake up at 4:30!!!! this morning in order to send my dad off to the airport and since I am trying to live my best Wonder Woman Life I decided to fratboy-chug some coffee and get to work since my toddler would <fingers crossed> sleep a couple more hours.  So I am sitting here and I noticed something. It is quiet, so delightfully magically quiet.  Even my brain is quiet probably because the part that endlessly screeches inner my to-do list is still asleep probably happily wiggling its toes in the cool part of my brain… and I find myself wondering-

Is this some sort of Golden Hour I didn’t know existed??

I try to do work at night, but let’s be real. No one has any leftover creative juices flowing at night.  That well dried up during “tell me another story… no, one you made up.. no a funny one!!”  Our mental resources are like pie, when it is gone it is gone.  Speaking of, I have cheesecake in the fridge and no child to demand forcefully that I share.  It isn’t sharing when you grab my fork holding hand and shove it towards your mouth, you little gremlin.  So I am sitting here eating unshared cheesecake and drinking hot hot its actually hot coffee.  I methodically rub on my eucalyptus scented lotion, which is supposed to act like some sort of Pavlovian trick that gets me in the mood for writing.

The juices start flowing… of course they are flowing here and not on that darn novel I am attempting to write, but my characters aren’t talking to me probably because they are asleep.  It is ok though.  This will becomes my new habit and slowly but surely the words will flow onto the pages of my novel.  I can do this.  There are no distractions; it is delightfully blissfully peaceful…..


Update– Two hours later:  My gawd, I am tired this was a horrific mistake. How am I going to get through my day? When is naptime… oh man not for another 4 hours..

3 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets… much needed peace and quiet”

  1. Haha this was too funny! I started thinking it was such a great idea except that I like every moment of sleep.. and then I saw your update and literally lol-ed.


  2. Tried a lot to find that Golden Hour… When everything is so silent that I can listen my inner soul.. Well that’s turn a bad idea as I never ever get up at 4.30 am.. So kudos to you who have that much strength!!!


  3. This is so true! I’ve woken up at 5 to feed a fussy baby who falls back asleep. I stay up to get some things done in bed before work… yeah, nope, not worth it.


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