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Hot Mess Mondays..can they be prevented?

You know how people have "meatless Mondays"? Well, we have hot mess Mondays.  No, I am not talking about some new one pot casserole or a fun new 'I look like I didn't try, but this took me forever' messy hairstyle.  I mean from the time my eyes open Monday morning to the moment I… Continue reading Hot Mess Mondays..can they be prevented?

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The “To Don’t” List….

I am tired.  Are you tired?  Of course, you are tired; we are all tired.  Well, maybe not Gwyneth Paltrow, but screw her.  While I sincerely believe humans are all tired, I believe mothers are indisputably the most exhausted creatures on the planet.  Yea yea, fathers work hard, but seriously how many men have jumped out of… Continue reading The “To Don’t” List….


Easy Action- CHIP Renewal

While we have been so focused on what Congress is doing, or at least attempting to do, we missed a huge "what they didn't do."  On September 30 Congress let CHIP expire.  Now, perhaps you hear "expired chips" and think nothing of it, but this was actually a big deal. What is CHIP?CHIP stands for… Continue reading Easy Action- CHIP Renewal


Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Halloween flipping MAGICAL

I SHOULD have titled this "How to Fake Halloween" or "How to Pretend You Still Have f**ks to Give".... but alas It seems every year right around this time, those Pinterest mommies reemerge from their "Back to School" chalkboard picture hiatus and come out roaring for Halloween.  You start seeing stuff like this.... and costumes… Continue reading Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Halloween flipping MAGICAL

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My tribe

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a tribe to keep a mom sane. Villages are great and I hope you have one. Villages include your mom friends, your neighbors that you trust with a spare key, your child's teacher, a reliable babysitter, families, and those super on top of… Continue reading My tribe


Teal is the new Orange and Black

I love Halloween, don't you? When else can you go to people's houses in a disguise and beg for candy? Actually my daughter does this on a weekly basis, but I digress.  It is so exciting for kids to run up to houses to see what that house is offering-  full size snickers?  "fun" size… Continue reading Teal is the new Orange and Black


Voters Shape the Future

We have two huge problems in this county.  Both have to do with the most fundamental aspect of democracy: voting.  Those who WANT to vote are prevented from doing so while those who CAN vote simply don’t.