How to Save the World When You Only Have Five Minutes- Part 2 Social Media

If you haven’t read Part 1 Getting Informed you should do that… I’ll wait..

So now that you are caught up with what has been going on, you are probably feeling some strong emotions and that’s ok.  You are probably looking around and saying “does everyone know about this crap??!?”  and hysterically wondering, “what are we going to do?!”  Ok first you are going to sign onto Facebook and join some Resistance groups…

Yes, this was a serious suggestion.  There are many good reasons to do this-

1- You will be in groups with like minded people, which frankly always feels nice especially if you do not live in a very blue area. Just knowing there are people who are outraged and worried makes all this feel LESS NORMAL because THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

2- You will get a wealth of information from up-to-date news or who is doing what now?! to resources

3- Daily or Weekly Calls to Action… what is a Call to Action? It is something you can do. Sometimes it is small and easy like calling a congressperson; sometimes it is more time consuming.  You can choose which fits into your moment.

4- If you join a local group you will get in connection with people who can help you ACT LOCALLY. You might even make some new friends… like real life go get coffee with friends.

NOT ALL  RESISTANCE GROUPS ARE CREATED EQUAL.   There are some that are pretty off the wall actually.  So how can you tell a good group versus a fake news-sharing, hysteria-spreading, troll-welcoming one?

  • A good rule of thumb is if the group is public (versus closed or secret) it probably has some issues with riff raff.   A group that lets in anyone probably has some trolls and no one needs to spend their time dealing with that.  An open group will also display all of your posts and comments regardless of YOUR privacy settings.
  • Another good rule is whether it has a national and local presence.  A good national group will encourage you to find a local group. A local group usually has some specific state and local Calls to Action.
  • What does it post?  If it seems to be just hand wringing and complaining it might make you more upset.  See if the group posts regular Calls to Action and helpful resources.  At the very least you should be getting reliable news articles.
  • Watch out for drama.  Do people seem to post things just to start fights? No one has time for that nonsense and chances are people are too busy being offended and argumentative to be actually DOING anything.
  • Finally, does it have a website?  Anyone can make a FB group, but it takes dedication to the cause to maintain a website

I have THREE favorite Resistance groups-  These are some of the people LEADING the movement.   I am personally connected to the “leadership” in two of these groups, which I only say to prove they are real people committed to the cause and not just weirdo yahoos…

1- Indivisible You probably heard of these folks.  They do GREAT things nationally and are making huge waves on local levels. This group was started by ex- Congressional staffers.  They are in the know and have used this credibility to go from just information-spreading to actual activism

2- Together We Will   I remember when this group began shortly after the Pantsuit Nation kerfuffle.  They broke off from Action Together Network in an effort to provide more resources through a 501c4.

3- Action Together Network  This group is still finding its footing on a national level due to some mission and goal changes, but the local ATN groups are great because they have been around the longest.  These were the people that first freaked out after election night and set up all these groups.

There are MANY MANY offshoots with just as many names. Check them out and be smart. Some of these groups are great,other are eh.

If you are interested in parenting and protesting you can join my FB group PlaydatesandProtests on Facebook  We are not especially active, but I am hopeful it will become a good resource for parent activists.


  • Because of my efforts right after the election I am pretty well equipped to help people find these groups.  I am not joking when I say I WILL help you find a local group.  They exist almost everywhere either online or in person.  You can email me- playdatesandprotests@gmail.com  (USE subject- “Connect me” ) and I will find your closest group


What do you think?

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