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A little shot of inspiration…

We KNOW what needs to be done.  Make your calls, send your faxes, tweet til your fingers bleed, get everyone you know to do the same.  If you need tips re-read this post- This Again? Or How to Save Healthcare

But here is a dose of inspiration.  Read them, let the words wash over your soul, and get back to work.

images (4)cropped-images-5.jpgMahatma-Gandhi-Quote-Be-the-Change3093abba284e0d0a1e332610c2ad7c7c--healthcare-quotes-make-a-differencedownloaddownload (1)

images (2)

I just threw that one in because I love the Obama family and they warm my heart. 


Seriously, get back to work.  We have healthcare to save… again.

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